When you go to see my son soon
Remember you are seeing
One half of me
The me who cries readily
For things I have no control of
Remember he's my last child
He's of half my blood.

When you go to see my grandchildren next week
Remember you are taking photos
Of what I do not get to have around me
That my tears will be flowing back home
For kids I am not allowed
To even have all to myself
As a grandmother should be able to do
They are a quarter of the blood
That flows in me
That flows in you.

When you go to see my son's wife
Who is from your loins
Remember that we once were friends
That she spoke to me of special things
Told me of your private lives
The good and bad of this town
Remember that as you get to go
While they don't want me around.

When you go to North Carolina
Where the singer Eric Church came from
Below where a Noah lives
That treats me kind
In a place where soldiers run steady and strong
You remember you have it all
My son, my grandbabies, my old friend
You remember, I am back here
Glad for you
But crying too
Because what left me
Doesn't want me and
For that
The tears don't end.

6/9/2012 0830 cj

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