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Grim Reaper

I lurk in darkness; in silence I slay.
I stalk the shadows, the living my prey.
My code I honor, I strike not at random.
Tonight my target is solitary, at others a tandem.

Those I select warrant the gift they are given;
I care not if those sins have been shriven.
Blood and death are my tools of trade;
A flash of my blade and the debt is paid.

I care not for judge, and even less for jury.
Executioner I am, let all fear my fury.
My heart is a stone, void of all feeling.
Mercy is unknown, when justice I am dealing.

Grim Reaper I am called, as good a name as any.
Legions I have slain, for their crimes were many.
Since the fall of man, no innocent have I found.
No matter where they run, their guilt within is bound.

Think not to flee your appointed judgement day,
Or vainly beg my "mercy" with words you say.
Live your pitiful "life" as best you may,
And prepare to render unto me the coin you must pay.

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Grim Reaper