Martyr's in the Sky

                   Martyrs in the Sky           June 11, 2012

I had a dream the other night about a place we know called heaven
I met a young man called Kevin, Kevin Barry was his name
He said he was pleased to meet me and I asked him why he's here
He told me at the age of eighteen years he died loving Ireland dear
He said there's others like him here, let's walk around and see
He told me the reason he was killed was wanting to be free
I met a guy called Bobby his second name was Sands
He had other martyr's with him, they were called The Ten
I asked him where he came from. Ireland was the reply
I wanted freedom for my country, that's why we had to die
I met a guy called James, he was murdered in1916
He fought for Irish Freedom and was sentenced to die at dawn
I met eight boys from Loughall and fourteen martyrs from Derry
Carol Anne Kelly said hello she was too young to die
She was killed by a plastic bullet in the year of eighty-one
Aiden said hello to me, McAnespy was his name
He died at the hands of a British gun on his way to a Gaelic game
Tom Williams said I wish you well, Ireland will be free
Another Irish martyr here there's lots of them to see
Wolfetone was the hero's name he was with the Gibraltar three
Married with Danny and Sean they said hello to me
There's so many Irish martyrs here, they died for Irish freedom
I said goodbye with a little cry and went on my way in peace
I prayed that night for those martyrs, why did they have to die?
My cause has been strengthened by my visit to the martyr's in the sky

                               Gerrard McGeachy

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