My egg was fertilized
Sat on it for 9 months
You balled up
Putting my left ribs
Out of joint
With a part of your growing body
It sticks out farther
Than the right ones
Still 30 years later
Have the proof there.

My baby grew
Kicking, cooing, babbling, talking
Eating, rolling, crawling, smiling
Played pat a cake
Sang you the songs I knew
You grew

Pushed out of the nest
As it was what was to be
When you were 25 not producing
Anything as you didn't have to then
I was still your mother hen
In the same hen house on that hill
Until the day came
You must have learned to fly on your own
Now, I must let you go
However, you will always be my little egg
Who I will want to keep warm
Fussing, patting, building, straightening
The nest that was yours.

The egg, the nest
The chick who peeped
The bird who flew
A mother hen
Has her moments of latter days
If you see her in the barnyard
As you are a big rooster now
With your cock-a-doodle-do bounding
Out of your lungs
Please remember to tip your big-proud-rooster-red-comb
To the mother hen
Who's egg you hatched from
She is your mum.

6/15/2012 0845 cj

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