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HH-43 Pedro on standby alert

The days were hot, sticky and sweaty to say the least
But the nights in Vietnam were the worst for everyone
From your first to your last one all could be deadly

It was always worse being the new guy on the perimeter
Some would shake in their boots at the slightest noise
Some thought every sound was the VC sneaking up on us

But it didn't take any of us too long to get acclimated
To the heat, smells and the sounds we'd live with there
If you heard the crickets chirping then you were safe

But if they stopped you knew that the VC were out there
Waiting and watching for any weakness in our defenses
For any chance to try to slip past and get on our base

But this rarely if ever happen at our own air bases in Nam
We were young and some inexperienced but we were sharp
We were alert for if you weren't the nights could be deadly

It was always one for all and all for one over there in Nam
We took care of each other and protected everyone on base
We formed bonds that have lasted for well over forty years

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.


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