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Even, If One Day, Reincarnation

a thousand shimmering earthquakes do I ride
but which wave will be the last
of the tide
and do I ride it
all the way home?
(is this the ONE, it doesn't feel like home?)
is this a river of fear
the one who flows that brings me here
to my arrival
in the night
fraught and half-believing into the all-alone
not in my body,
not yet in my soul?
the many pains and plains not imagined creep in
and over illuminate my mind within
and fortell of the kind I might be
my future, past and present me...someone
I'm bound to know.
(I feel the strong strings tightening...)
but I also feel I'm not so
connected to the real-ness
I'm floating high and away
the waves are taking me now,
do I, did I have a choice
does God hear my many voices
will he guide the way?
the pains and pain of growing older
(not for the sissies)
are not ones
from which I have blindly run.
Looking into the waves,
I challenge them
(and see a blinding flash,
how glares a blinding sun...)
to take this all away,
all that I have done.
a flood in the world does not erase
the memories
of what or who has been
or even what will become...and
if on that day I will rise,
be transformed or transfigured
into the newer shiny penny of someone
I do not yet know
I will learn the patience required
to reacquaint myself
and retake the journey once again
crossing the waves again as I go.

Copyright June 18, 2012
All Rights Reserved by this Author
Melissa A Howells   Meloo from her Tilt-a-World

pesky dreams waking me up again at 3am
go pester someone else, I've purged you to the page.
it is time my psyche left me to sleep a night through
I get it already, message now received.  put the rubber mallet away, we all need to take
better care of ourselves...that is what the dreams are trying to say.

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Even, If One Day, Reincarnation