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z + 3

- (dedicated to all who sat through a Mid)

There's an air of tension in the set room,
Midnight in Moscow is drawing near,
Will it be a normally quiet night
Or will the comrades disappear?
The ops at their stations
So reliable and so steady
Have their log sheets prepared
And are tuned in and ready.

Z+3 in a minute.
How those seconds drag.
And how the disc wishes
He could nip out for a fag.

Midnight in Moscow!
The silence is broken:
Shouts for a call sign check.
Find the op who's spoken.
The groups are back on air
The change has taken place
It's the start of the frantic
Group Identification race.

Z+3 plus an hour
Everything seems to be alright
We'll have have them all sorted
Before half way  through the night.

The keys have been broken,
The Disc mutters silent thanks
Reputation preserved because
He broke them before the Yanks.
There's an air of quiet satisfaction
Slowly spreading all around
The Troop Sergeant Major is grinning
The set room is settled back down

Z = Greenwich MeanTime
Z+ 3 is Moscow time.

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z 3