The Servitors Acre

                                   The Servitors Acre      June 20, 2012

King James decreed to take our land and give it to the Servitor
If your Presbyterian and loyal to the crown, others are inferior
If you used to be a soldier in the army of the King
You can have a one thousand acre estate and lots of other things
Don't raise cattle like the Irish, you can only grow a crop
You can build local towns with Presbyterian steeples on the top
You will face the anger of the Irish who lost their piece of land
You can have a loaded musket, you can keep it close at hand
The loyal settlers must be protestant enforcing English laws
The language would be English to promote the English cause
O'Neill and O'Donnell must go, that was the English plan
The Irish land will be divided to deny the rights of man
Forty thousand planters came here with potatoes on their mind
Donegal town and Enniskillin were built by the other kind
Time has passed since the planters came to steal our Irish land
A thousand acres of Ireland for each Servitor to steal
We want our country back, we want it know, we'll negotiate the deal
Give Ireland back to the Irish, that's the way we feel
This land belongs to the Irish and the planters must go home
Times have changed, leave our land, we want to be alone
The children of this nation will have our land to share
Without the planter or the Servitor, tell a friend you care

                Gerrard McGeachy


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