To Ride The Unicorn - poems about life - by pegesus unicorn

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i was brushing my teeth this morning...when i raised my head
casually glanced in the mirror...i was suddenly caught off guard
i was staring at an old woman...not me...surely not
when did i age...where did that young redhead get off to

i finished my chore...went to the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee
ambling out to the front porch...i sat in my chair...and thought
my mind began to wander to my youth...when i was young and nubile
then to that handsome navy jg who had just stolen my heart

to our wedding day...then to the journey into the land of snow
the birth of our first son...then the second...our first house
the joys...the sadness...the angers...the tears...the growing
madcap years of work...fixing meals...raising our family...more work

never really any time to do the things we had dreamt of as youths
but now that youth was the blink of an eye...gone forever
yet now i begin you realize...maybe i didn't really miss my youth
now i had time to reflect on what life had taught me...where i was going

time to in the garden...take walks with the some more
i could breath a sigh of more more heartaches
i could go to bed when i wished...get up in the morning when i wished
i could watch the birds or butterflies...all to my hearts content

but it was the lessons i had learned...through out all my years
the ones that were important in life...the ones i could pass on

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