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He was bruised for our iniquities

Wounded for our transgressions
The punishment that brought us peace
was upon HIM
And by His stripes we are healed

Isaiah 53:5

What did HE do - to deserve the punishment
the chastisement - the torture - the cruelty ?
that should have been mine ?
Blooded - broken - tortured Saviour - hung like
an animal - between earth and sky -
What was HIS crime ?

What did HE do - to cause such hatred - such venom
to flow - as with one voice - for the mob
to scream 'Crucify - Crucify '?
Battered - bruised - gasping for breath from lungs
compressed with searing pain -
Do you know - the reason - 'Why'?

What did HE do - to earn the forty lashes from the
cat-o-nine tails - opening HIS back
and tearing at HIS skin?
Did HE murder - lie - steal or curse - in all
HIS three and thirty years of life
What was HIS hidden sin ?

Nothing - HE did nothing to deserve the hate
that fell like meteors - raining poison
on HIS broken frame -
But love - for HIS creation - love for you and me
every living being - is what held Him -
stricken - to that wooden beam .

Why would one so gentle with the weak and broken
be hanging helpless and broken now - unable to
rescue HIMSELF - from the cross ?
Didn't HIS tormentors know - what HE had done
for the widows - the lepers - the blind - the
fearful - and the lost ?

Didn't someone - somewhere tell them - HE was
innocent - not guilty - undeserving of their
malice - and their lies ?
Was there no one with compassion - caring - concern
or were they all unmoved - or even deaf -
to HIS heartfelt cries ?

As a sheep - before its shearer- He spoke no words
of retribution - or defense - against
their vile curses- or rebukes .
Instead - HE let them spit out their murderous
accusations - while taking every blow from staves
and fists - and mocking looks .

All this and more - HE did for all of us - yes you
and me - and all the world - from time beginning
'til its end
Millions and millions of unworthy - sin-filled beings -
who did not know - or even care - that all the
time - we had such a friend .

A Friend - who gave up all HE had - so HE could gain
our hearts - if only we believe in HIM -
and turn towards HIS light
While we were still in sin - HE paid the price in full
a massive debt - we could never - ever pay
to put things right .

This is such love indeed - for one to lay down HIS life -
for those who really do not care - nor even ask
for such a gain
But - only a perfect - sinless GOD of love - could pay
the cost - and count it joy to see
us - through HIS pain .

HE knew that we could never find our own way back
to forgiveness - peace - and heaven -
and to HIS Holy throne
So - HE laid down - HIS very self - and made HIMSELF
as nothing - to become the stairway - we could climb -
to reach security - and home .

And so - this Easter-time - as we reflect the message of
the resurrection - of our SAVIOUR -
from the cross of Calvary
Let us remember - what HE sacrificed - to give us life eternal
through HIS poured out blood - and HIS
redemption - full and free.

For GOD so loved HIS broken - fallen world - HE
gave the very best HE had - HIS One and
Only precious SON
That - if you and I believe in HIM - we can share with HIM
the victory - that JESUS won .


BY S.C.Mitchell Easter 2012

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