Carol's Journey

God’s Provision in Small Ways

Even in little and small ways
As God leads me day by day
His provision is clearly seen
By how it could have been

Recent interview for full time position
Other candidates pursuing as their decision
Job would have required using my voice
Not His plan for me or ultimate choice

Unemployment benefits end today
With final payment next Wednesday
Last week God answered prayer
Resulted in mixed blessings there

Extra hour added to shift a requirement
For all including temps per management
Short term until staff for new bank obtained
Four hours this week came with headache pain

Home computer issues fixed by men through church
Their time and generous free labor appreciated so much
Prescription assistance for one med approved by notification
In final stages of submitting needed income documentation

Free long distance at no expense added to phone package
Saving minutes on cell phone for emergency only coverage
Credit card rebates will result in next statement reduction
Apply towards online accounts receivable course instruction

Lord, thank you for all these blessings and so much more
You have far greater plans for my future already in store
Ways I cannot begin to imagine or possibly understand
In all situations I am secure in the palm of Your hand

© Carol S. 6/22/12

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God`s Provision in Small Ways

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