Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Imagine this, imagine that

Imagine a fearless heart,
Full of imagination.

Imagine a precious smile,
Gentle and prompting laughter.

Imagine being innocent and nurtured,
Imagine the freedoms of being young.

Guided eyes made of art,
Walking, sharing, singing...

The things youth is made of.
Imagine it all.

Imagine everything going black for years.
Pretend that every giggle turns into a cry.

Imagine that precious heart becoming spoiled.
Imagine all the angels becoming demons.

Mischief stales the mind, wishes become
Black moths, eager to leave you.

All the flowers are shadows,
Luck becomes sun-burnt with hate.

Imagine your world at someone else's fingertips.
Imagine them crushing it.


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Imagine this, imagine that

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