I'll Shake Your Hand

                             I'll Shake Your hand    June 29, 2012

Martin said to Lizzie, for sure I'll shake your hand
 We'll do it for the people but why did you steal our land?
If you tell me why you did it, and lots of other things
 I'll promise not squeeze your hand; I maybe kiss your ring
When England picked an illegitimate King, his name was Dutch Billy
You killed our people, stole our land, sent Cromwell and the Black and Tans
You murdered children, the old the young, you sent our people away
You sent in the army with tanks and guns, they celebrated Billy's Day
Too many people dead to mention, many more still in detention
I'd expect you to apologize for this and many other Irish crimes
The Servitors still have our land, you know we want it back
We want the thirty-two returned to the people of our nation
You did the same in many lands just listen to Mugabe
The colonial distribution of our Irish land and murder of our people
You must fast track land reform and return it to our people
Give Ireland back to the Irish just like the words of the song
Take your planters home, we will assist you, we've waited far too long

Gerrard McGeachy


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