Melissa A. Howells

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 no longer yours (contagion)

Is there a
sliver of hope
or a
broken fingernail smile?

Yes, yes its me that's been talking to you
reassuring you all this while...
I have to be here to block out the
other voices of denial...
those speaking:
"You're a contagion."

How is living your life
while trying to stay out of the way...
can't seem to get any
pleasure principle
no satisfaction, this way.

There's just no pleasing.
Oh, they don't want any feelings,
any of your substance.

They just want to keep on believing in all that
contagion nonsense.

All your lacks
calculated on the blackboard
in plain sight.
"You are the Contagion."

They mustn't feel the truth
of you, would rather leave you
in harm's embrace.
No getting that goop of you
all over their happy days...

I've learned to live for myself.
I'm not the child bullied on the schoolyard.
I'm not the daughter, shunned.
I'm not the adult child afraid
to be herself,
not anymore.

I'm no longer
your label of
outside the norm
one who's failed to conform...
I am not your contagion.

Copyright July 1, 2012
All Rights Are Reserved By This Author
Melissa A Howells   Meloo from her Tilt-a-World

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