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All l ever wanted to do
was be real
and stay true
No matter how I'm feeling
or what I'm going through
The haters trying to hold me down
don't have a clue
Y'all just a light meal
I got a iron fist
and a steel will
A strong heart
y'all trying to kill
But the flow pumps still
Why you're so surprised
I thought you knew?
But she's stubborn
and persistent too
So here's the deal
I'm gonna seed her
with this mind feeder
and have her heart needler
all over the lala meter
when my words greed her
Here are the papers
so grab the seal
Growing up like a desert cactus
No sweat this is my practice
in this field
I'm a conqueror but I'm not a crook
Haters still hooked
on that John Boehner look
Their eyes rose
and their hearts shook
And just one line is all it took

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Copyrights 2012
Robert Anthony James

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