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I Fooled Them All Once And I Can Do It Again

I Fooled Them All !

Always remember what you got in the last election
You had voted for a change and you voted for hope
But those changes you got were worse than before

At least back then you still had your old job
At least back then you still had your own car
And at least back then you could afford the gas

But the changes you got weren't what you had wanted
Many have lost their jobs now and worse yet all hope
And still even more are now losing their homes too

So what will it take America for you to see clearly
Voting for this guy was the worse mistake you've made
Suddenly he and his Czars have the solutions at last

But if you want things fixed you must re-elect them
If they really knew what they were doing in Washington
Then we wouldn't be far worse off than we were before

Those who fought for your freedom can see very clearly
That Mr. Big and his Czars really know nothing at all
Must we lose the entire country before you see clearly?  

Terry Sasek - All Rights Reserved.

Wake up America this is reality not just a video game
if you all blindly vote for these complete morons for
a second term to run our country then you will wake up
one day and you will have no country left at all here
and what rights and freedom you did still have will be
taken away from you and then you, your own children and
your own grandchildren will be led away doomed like the
sheep who are led to be slaughtered. Wake Up America!!!

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I Fooled Them All Once And I Can Do It Again