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Obama's First Term Has Brought Us To Our Knees

The times have changed for the worst now for most and I hear the shouting
The changes that have come were not those that Americans had really wanted
But they had never checked out all of the facts before voting for the fool

As fast paced as our nation is people never spent time checking out the facts
There's so many other exciting things to do why waste time checking out facts
After all isn't that what those at CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and CNN do for us?

They have hundreds of staff members who get paid to keep us informed right?
They'd tell the voters what we need to know and for who we should really vote
Besides everyone reports that we needed changes that's what they all had said

The media wouldn't lead us astray from the true facts about this guy right?
Really they're the most reliable sources for information that we could have
The way some people talk, you'd almost think that the news is bias for sure

Now you're not going to tell me that the information we received was tainted
That the media might have had some special interest of their own who'd win
I mean really are you crazy they're journalist they wouldn't lie to us now

Next thing you know they'll say the fool elected had dark secrets to hide!
Maybe he wasn't a natural born citizen of the USA, now how silly is that?
Next you're going to say he's really a Socialist, who would've guessed it!

Terry Sasek - All Rights Reserved.

Excuse my tongue in cheek remarks I made above, but it does
seem very strange to me that this anointed and elected one
has done exactly what he swore he would never do to our own
country. Well it's a big surprise now isn't it that he has
done many things he promised he never would. How masses of
voters were so blinded by his orator skills spewing out all
these polished words that he reads off of his ever present
teleprompters that he always has in front of him and I wish
I didn't have to say I warned everyone, but it is now very
obvious to everyone now isn't it? Now he's trying to make
his case for his reelection for a second term in office but
he has lied to all of us right from the start and has kept
on lying ever since.

These days everyones hurting from his own economic policies
which have proved to be nothing but disastrous for our own
citizens and now we see even more foreclosures than at any
other time in our history. It doesn't matter how well you
are as a orator when reading from a teleprompter when your
message is just a ton of BS and as we know for a fact BS is
still BS and it doesn't help any of these people pay their
bills they have now does it. If you had voted for this fool
in the last election and you chose to reelect him now for a
second term as our President after his disastrous first term
in office, then you should kiss the America we all know and
love goodbye and you can also kiss your children's & grand
children's futures goodbye too.

They'll never have any future at all here if you choose to
vote to reelect this total incompetent fool as our President
once again so he can have four more years to finally finish
destroying our economy and our country, something that none
of our enemies have ever done though out our own history as
we veterans have always answered the call to defend America
in all the wars and conflicts that we fought in to defend
and protect our nation and the freedom for our citizens. I
truly hope all of our voters will take off their own rose
colored glasses and their blinders and that they will see
the real facts as they are and vote Obama and all his Czars
out of office. if you want to save our nation for yourself,
your children and your grand children please think clearly
before you vote in this next election. Don't they deserve
to have a future too? Well don't they?

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Obama`s First Term Has Brought Us To Our Knees