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There is a feeling in the air
As the sun slides slowly down,
An air of cold malevolence
Seems to permeate the town.

I see the children gather in the street,
Hear chatter as they meet and greet,
Watch them mix and mingle in a noisy mass,
Feel the uneasy jostling as the seconds pass,
See the faces lock and turn almost to stone
No individual any longer there on its own.
The mob mentality takes control
Owning them body and soul
And they are on the move in riot mode
A formless mass flowing down the road.
And the children of the city
Without any shade of pity
Loot and burn and smash all night
Until with the coming of daylight
The individuality returns and each one
Relaxes, the mob mentality now gone.
The streets are being cleared
As they part, each going on its way
The night forgotten in the new day.
The streets are cleared the fires dying out
Normal life returns as the people move about.

The children are now sleeping.
There is again an air of peace.
Life carries on waiting for the time
That malevolence is next released.

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