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They looked forward to this new Batman movie
There was a crowd of people who came to see it
There were young ones and old and even a baby

Everyone had come to watch the first showing
Some came in costumes as if part of the movie
To be with their friends on that special night

But there was this one guy who came on a mission
His bitterness had seemed to rule his own actions
Then 20 minutes after the movie started he appeared

There seems of late to be disturbed individuals
Who think killing is how to solve their problems
They viciously attack people without any warning

During my 63 years on Earth I've seen many things
I have seen the good and the bad in other people
I have seen how violent some could be at times

I thought by now things would be more peaceful
But there are many delusional people out there
You can never really trust anyone these days

Some people have lost all touch with reality
They will suddenly strike out in a fit of rage
They snap inside and will do unthinkable things

In the aftermath of their actions many had fell
No one had a clue of what would happen next there
When suddenly the sounds of gunfire had rang out

Then bullets began striking many innocent victims
Striking with a vengeance and malice of for thought
Even a six year old girl was not spared from him

God only knows why this madman took so many lives
What happen in his life that caused him to strike out
To heartlessly kill even children during his attack

The people of Colorado and of our nation pray
Not only for those who had died in this attack
But for those wounded too that they would survive

And now their loved ones and friends are left
To pick up the pieces of their shattered lives
They come together to try and comfort each other

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

There has to be better ways to solve our problems in
this world regardless if those problems were real or
just imagined in the mind of a person or persons who
would lash out in such a way at innocent victims who
were caught up in this violent and horrific attack
that somehow this madman felt was justified in his
own mind and he felt was the only solution for his
immediate problems. That anyone could possibly feel
that this type of attack was justified because they
felt they were persecuted whether it was real or it
was just imagined in their mind, can never justify
carrying out such an unthinkable attack on all those
innocent men, women and children who had just gone
to watch a brand new movie that night at the movie
theater. All the families and friends are left to
deal with these results and the heartbreak caused
by this person who carried out this attack and we
all now pray for those innocent victims from Aurora,
Colorado and we ask that God will comfort all of the
families, the relatives and the friends of all those
affected by the perpetrator of this horrific action.  

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