Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

There never is a tomorrow today

Tomorrow placed conveniently before me,
A goal I can never reach as I hold
Faulty fingers in my hand and walk down
Tainted driveways looking for truth.
He is the darkest death I could find,
Fingers blistered from the heat of hell.
I promise to drown him in light if
He can save my obscure soul from the
Grasp of the almighty red devil.
A dream, he says with a laugh that
Only chills the depths of my shallow heart.
It flutters a beat and we continue down
The path, hoping to find salvation.
We are not lucrative beings, one being
A character of fantasy brought to life,
The other being a forgotten face in
God's gracious sea of existence.
And yet, we walk towards fate since
Destiny locked us out yet again.


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There never is a tomorrow today

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