Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Bleed her out

They say I'm insane
For the souls I've
Feasted on, smile
Lingering upon my
Deadened face.

They would curse me,
As I fly into their rooms
To claim my prize.

The elderly,
The ill,
The young.
None are safe
When I decide to
Sink my teeth in.

It's all a game,
Even the ethereal
Vie for a place
In this wicked world.

But then there comes
The soul that could
Send me free.

And I'm reluctant
To take it from her,
For fear that her reign
Could be darker.

I give and I take.
She sees me, tempts me
By playing with her
Own mortality.

When she winces,
My heart beats stronger.

But her fear is
Too dark for
Me to fathom.

But someday,
I will rip her open,
Bleed her out
And steal her
Deplorable soul.

She is nothing
And she knows it.


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Bleed her out

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