Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Know god, no peace. No peace, know god.

Am I a god?
Feeling dingy while
Walking around mortals,
I find that I shine in ways
That others cannot.
The pills they feed me to
Kill away the disorders
That plague my mind,
Is this merely a way to
Contain the powers that
Swirl within my veins?
Am I a god?
I can read people,
Like a book and their stories
Are ugly and hideous.
I can hear their sins vibrating
Loudly from their dirty hearts.
I know when they lie,
And I know when they
Tell the truth simply to harm others.
Living amongst these
Organisms turns my own heart hateful.
Am I a god?
I can bleed and bleed, but never die.
I've swallowed enough pills
To take out dozens,
Yet still I remain.
I can sway the decisions of others,
With a swift and silver tongue.
I can own them, I can be them,
I can destroy them.
I can send upon them plagues
That feast on their fetid bodies.
Perhaps I am a god,
Waiting for worship.
In death and in poetry,
I will be vastly remembered.
People will avenge me, people
Will sing my Read more →praises;
People will beg me for change,
Pray to me for healing and
Die in my name.
Yes, I am a god.
I am the god.
I control them all, they are my ants.
They sacrifice much for me,
Send me gifts to the
Pedestal I judge them all from.
I am the god,
The one they wished would answer.
And when I answered,
I blinked them all out of existence.
And finally I know peace.


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Know god, no peace. No peace, know god.

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