Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Forever twice a loner

We talk about worshiping devils as gods.

In the midst of hell, sometimes we feel the
Glaze of heaven colliding with our skin.

We put ourselves to sleep by our own hands,
Awash in fear but content in resting;
Knowing that our demons are waiting for us,
Once our eyes blink their final wave.

The sound of hellfire kisses away the dreams.
The smoky scent of burning flesh tickles
Our nostrils, and soon we are thrown upon the flames.

We will sing while the heat melts away skin and muscle.

There is no hell like tomorrow.
A world made lonely by hope and prayer.

Throw me in the pit, f--k you, I'll jump myself.
The secluded sounds of forever killing cells in my ear.


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Forever twice a loner

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