Brendan hughes

                       Brendan Hughes     July 28, 2012

From West Belfast in troubled times he was always on the move
Sometimes known as Arthur sold toys to help the cause
He robbed the rich to help the poor and other business too
A very special person changing things for me and you
He would do a float in the afternoon, then wrap up something new
With a visit to long Kesh with his mattress by his side
He chose to ride a dustcart to go to Dublin Town to hide
Fifteen years for hardware bought to fight the crown
Five more years of life for disagreeing with a prison cop
Transferred to the H Blocks, he organized his life
Refused to wear a prison uniform, political status was denied
The blanket protest followed, many heroes by his side
Thatcher lied then denied status for men
Stand united with Brendan in memory of the ten
Brendan was an Irish hero and he lived a hero's life
Remember Brendan Hughes, the struggle the took his life

                  Gerrard McGeachy

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