I Really Don't Know Why

                        I Really Don't Know Why     July 20, 2012

Peter said he's sorry with an apology on the way
For burning the Polish flag, the Irish flags ok
I understand how anyone would feel, their flag burning in the sky
Burning in flames of hate, I really don't know why?
Northern Ireland has a responsibility for good race relation
Respect and tolerance for each other in the Irish population
I just don't know what this is about said Peter with a grin
“How would I feel if it were my flag”, his message to the people
Where have you been Mr. Robinson, when the flag of Ireland burns?
The loyalist that support you, disrespectful to mankind
They burn the flag of Ireland with hatred in their mind
You're looking very stupid Peter as you advertise your shame
In the eyes of the world you're a bigot playing a political game

                        Gerrard McGeachy

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