Ourselves Alone

                   Ourselves Alone   July 15, 2012

Was Gerry a rich kid with a silver spoon in his mouth?
Did he spend time at Oxford, or the school at Long Kesh?
In the times of the troubles with no defense or gun
No one to support us with the officials on the run
Brought up on our streets with friends of his own
The people of Ireland ourselves alone
The army of England invaded our land
In the name of freedom and the orange band
Adams was there for us, in the time of our need
The provisional were formed and they did succeed
With a uniform from the past and guns that would not last
He faced the British Army with courage on his Street
In his early Belfast years, with many other fears
He fought the British army through the troubled years
Support the guy from Belfast that England could not beat
Enjoy your freedom; He was the guy they didn't want to meet

              Gerrard McGeachy

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