Irish With Power

                               Irish With Power         July 11, 2012

We can unite and focus, united in struggle
Sinn Fein, the IRSP, thirty-two, and the real group
For the sake our people and the ones that have gone
Stand united in our struggle; we can all show the way
We're Irish with power, you know what I mean
Join forces together, a strength never seen
When our struggle is over we'll have a seat at the table
I mean Sinn Fein, the Irsp, thirty two, and the real group
United together with differences in mind
Stand together for the struggle and the hopes of mankind
It won't be easy; we know this, with thoughts of the past
We're Irish republicans, we want peace that will last
Remember the ten, they were different and united
We lost Collins and others, this can't happen again
Think of the words, remember the ten
We can do this again, just like before
We're Irish with power, you know what I mean

              Gerrard McGeachy

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