Spirits From The Past

                          Spirits from the Past      July 8, 2012

From the Falls Road to William Street, From O'Connell Street and more
Many streets in our country have spirits from the past for sure
You can feel it when you walk around, spirits on our street
Maybe a little twitch of an eye, a thought or an urge to meet
We walk the streets of our troubled past in freedom and in peace
You can feel the past, those spirits are still around
Tom Williams, Bobby and Kevin with fourteen by their side
Aiden with our Loughall boys and many more with Irish pride
If they could walk with us today, our martyrs of the past
They would enjoy the changes in our land, peace to share at last
God bless our Martyrs of the past, we don't want anymore
Our land has changed because of them; spirits are here for sure

                                      Gerrard McGeachy

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