Just a Question

                                        Just a Question            June 7,2012

I have a question for my maker, please help me, please tell me why
Many things have happened to my country, My God I wonder why
The Irish nation and its people have suffered for many years
The deaths, the blight, a foreign invasion, and many Irish tears
Will peace be a part of an Irish life, can we live together as one
My God is their God, can we walk the road together
Can an Irish name be treated the same as other names we know
Please tell me if I'm wrong for asking but I really want to know
The people behind the wall of peace, will they meet us a friend
Cross the line faceless friend, it's time for you and me
When we meet each other without defeat, our country will be free
Can we meet on the street, extend our hand, can we share a little smile
When that day comes we'll live together and walk an Irish mile

            Gerrard McGeachy

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