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I am a creature of your mind
Product of your fevered brain
I revel in your anguish and
Am sent to cause you pain.
It stretched out a finger
To caress my naked skin
And where it touched i felt
Flaming daggers driving in.

I am a creature of your mind
Feeding on your despair
 I will probe your ego
Exploit all I find there.
I will make you suffer
Make you want to end it all
Make you writhe and scream
Be at my beck and call

And I fought this creature
Summoned all my very will
Watched it fighting back
As both sought for the kill.
I thought happy thoughts
To combat my despair
And then I woke exhausted
My creature no longer there.

But I know he still lurks
Waiting to take control
Trying to take both
My body and my soul
But I scream defiance
Not sure whether or not
I will falter one black day
And my creature of blackness
Will sweep again my sanity away.

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