God became very important
After years of lifting two-hundred pound
People by myself
When I would mow the lawn
Crying my eyes out
For reasons unknown
After a back injuries
Reared their ugly heads
That dripped snot
In long strings
Clear to the ground
When it was a perfectly matching
Scrub suit, earrings, tightly braided hair
New 4x4 SUV
All bills pay on time
And new furniture I cleaned every two weeks
Regardless of if it needed it or not

God came because I thought of driving that
Little forest-green beast
Off a cliff
As a lift
Out of the pain
When my thoughts would race
Getting up on 4 hours of sleep
Many nights
Except Fridays
Then I would have
Shots of tequila
Zimas backing them up
Times 6
Down at Crabby's Bar
Because I went too far
When I didn't know how to relax
On the edge of the seat
Miss prim and proper
All tucked in neat

God become important
When I wanted to die
Didn't know why
When I had it all
As I would bawl
In the bathroom at work
Trying to get it together
As it had been together before
Riding my bike more
Addicted to Highway 11's ride
Before that he was in me
But he would just hide
Somewhere in the back of my mind
In my
Baptist upraising
And that was just fine.

8/1/2012 0717 cj

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