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Plugged In

We are the plugged in generation
As we wander all around
Brains being pounded
By the constant sound
Pouring in our ears.
First generation never all alone
Thanks to the gift of
That  ubiquitous cell phone.

So we un self consciously
Pour out the details of our life
Anywhere anytime to
Everyman and his wife.
We are the people of Facebook
Twitter and text speak
Or whatever happens to be the
Fashion for this week.

We speak in grunts when face to face
With very little left to say
When we've been in near constant
Communication most of any day.
We are the plugged in generation
Accepting the near mental rape
Of the constant thudding music
As our means of escape

Along with our mates,
All plugged in too
From the world of reality
Which every day deteriorates.  
All in all it seems
The threatened world's end
Seems so much more acceptable
With the help of  our electronic friends.

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Plugged In