Tattoos in Mayberry

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Trick Mother Trucker,
don't reckon she'll recover.
Not even tryin to get well.
Your worst nightmare
she's the devil's part-time lover.
with nothing nice to sell.
Trick Mother Trucker,
She got you all tied up on the phone G.
Paging you from hell.
caught you a case with enmity.
Bad news driftin in
double trouble comin after
She's under your skin
A nuclear disaster

Trick Mother Trucker.
liquifies you solid life,
breaking you with false hope and spring wine.
her calling card
in black and red
clearly states

'your ass is mine'
Trick Mother Trucker
inside her domain
Your new digs,
her world of pain
rides your rails til you get the rickets
Knocked down on bloody bended knee
trembling in the thickets.
She carries a shiv in the dark
you're not just a number
you're her next mark.
Feasting on your bones
like a hunk of Almond Joy.
She packs a wallop in her velvet gloves
Meet the pavement bo-bo-boy
Your world is shot to hell.
been cryin, "Lord, I've got the blues."
Better quit your belly achin'
Or you'll meet
Ms. Steel Toed Shoes.
Trick Mother Trucker
Messing with your heart and mind
is how she makes her living.
breaking wills and blowing minds
of that she keeps on giving

Trick Mother Trucker
Heard the news
she was raised by shrews
pick a card, roll the dice
you can hardly lose

She'll share with you her special brand of Lady Liberty dime
Your cell mate reminds you daily,
take it one day at a time.
While you sweat and swelter
doin hard time
for her crime.
Your head ain't right
you seek revenge
you had to play a player.
who sold too high your alibi
to some other guy
of your complaints
she's unaware
You pitch a bitch
she don't care,
and one more thing
she was never there
Trick Mother Trucker.

Copyright November 23, 2013
All Rights Reserved By Buddy Bee Anthony
Tattoos in Mayberry

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