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the captain and I

i. the captain's warning

in the cold light of day
I drink my blues away
I asked myself to stay
and then I went another way
and then the warmth around my face
that keeps me anchored in this place
left like a ship into a storm
and I heard the captain warn
that my hands they were tied
to the tears that I'd cried
to the times I had lied
and I drunk that river wide

ii. lost in a maze

in the dead of the night
and by the early morning light
I prepare for the fight
and yet I know that it's not right
and then the sign of the cross
confirms that I am lost
like the captain run ashore
I won't sail again no more
and the smile on her face
that kept the anchor in place
disappeared without trace
and I lost her in that maze

iii. the cost

in the haze of the sun
when a new day has begun
I don't know if I've won
so I turn back and I run
and when I see you standing there
next to a sign that says despair
and the captain runs aground
I know I never will be found
and the sign is a cross
all directions are lost
as I count up the cost
of all the lives that I have crossed

iv. the final act

in the glow of the moon
the captain reached for his harpoon
and fired down in the lagoon
but the day ended much too soon
for either the captain or I
so all that's left is to die
throw myself into the sea
let the waves wash over me
and I know you'll be there
holding your heart to share
and I start to declare
and I lay me feelings bear
and then the warmth around my face
begins to chase my blues away
and then the captain finds his place
and he sets the spirits free

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