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Give way to its order ...  


Look  "You",
...just over there
no, wake from your sleep
look, can you not see it?
open up your windows
peer into this given discovery

Do you not gaze
upon that color drenched patch
or that arch of rainbow velvet?

The splendor and given fabric
is beyond those compared
I stand in awe each day
from it's contagious beauty

I have taken sweet time and orbited
it's budding existence
as I will have held back time
for another opulent unfurling

Men and women alike
have written about such things
we have known it to be an artery
to love and such pedestal visions

These established organisms
have acquainted romance thru the ages
surely they too have been plucked
by caring weathered hands
while testing the time of storms

It's perfume can be of an array
of exotic temptations and heavens scent
moving into an natural bouquet
it's language has that of many
from days of such joy
to an eve of great sadness

Will you see this strand of life
channeling a stem of visual dimension
and thorns to keep it's new born

It's oil will have been encapsulated
inside jewel crested bottles
where they sit upon mirrored tables

It has a subtle demand
for all others to give way
to it's opulent order

Love letters and forget me not
celebrations of plenty
or pressed thru pages
a presence to be known

Exquisite and regal
crossed with culture
prized and sought after
It's halo of color

Inside this blue dawn
I witness an early dew drop
cradling it's delicate surface
while this God like landscape
softly reaches out into the silence
brushing a gloss across my eyes...


Written by,
Abby lynn

2012/2015  Revisited


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