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 The Positive Life

The Positive Life  
Not with my head stuck in the clouds;
Rainbows dancing, elves prancing.
No rose colored glasses, but by choice;
Choosing to embrace the goodness.
Walking in the light of the day;
This is the positive life.

Yet, without giving, I become stagnant;
Flow must be maintained in my vessel.
Full and overflowing with the power of love;
Into the fray with negativity amassed for battle.
The war is not personal, the darts of hate harmless;
This is the power of the positive life.

Becoming a force for good… a rod into ground;
Negative attacks drain into meaningless oblivion.
Needing never to hold on to the searing coals,
But dropping them like they are hot.
Maintaining the force of love throughout;
Then flowing in is the positive life.

Into the vacuum left by the draining of negative;
Positive energy is sucked into the soul.
A new creation stirs under the power of love;
As the snakes of negativity cower at our feet.
Choosing this day who we will serve;
This is the strength of the positive life.


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