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Priory Woods, Winter

Priory Woods in winter under its
Blanket of untrodden new snow
Only my footprints meandering
Mar it to trail me wherever I go;
Past the entrance Rose garden,
Where they lay to rest the urns
Holding the individual's ashes
From the crematorium burns.
Here the path slightly wanders
Winding past and around
The stone figures scattered
In the children's burial ground.
A single magpie black and white
Against the white, one for sorrow
If I remember the old rhyme right
And overhead mother Carey's chicken
The seagulls Circle, wheel, and scream
Noises that could be straight from
An Eerie, lonely, and cold dream.
And somewhere around
The small herd of deer
So very seldom seen but
Adding life and colour here.
The young Hawthorne, silhouetted
Black against the sky this bright day
Acts as my guide
Shows me the way.
Priory Woods in winter before the thaw,
Too cold for me to stay for long
So I stand for a while to remember,
Whisper my weekly goodbye, and am gone.
Maybe I hear a cawed farewell from
That sinister looking lonely crow
As I leave another set of footprints
Across the still fresh white snow.

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Priory Woods, Winter