A Synthetic Soul

Kill the King

As I diligently scale this porous wall of stone.
there will be no swaying me lest I become undone.
My glory lies for me on the other side of that wall.
Many men stand before and one by one they fall.

My hammered blade of steel I bathe in blood.
bury in flesh, and render souls to God
And he's busy judging this day the hellish of earth.
Pillars are falling all the buildings a burn.

Amidst all of this sin and blinding smoke we fight.
In the idol gods temple the mightiest battle of our lives.
And they die with hate in their eyes filling the air with screams.
Riotously cleansing as the blood on my body washes clean.

Closer and closer now climbing the winding stairs.
Only god can wound me, dodging the arrows and spears.
All powerful ruler obscene now cower my knife unsheathed.
Conquered with a single blow, I have killed the King.

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