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 The Messenger

Night of rest draws to a close
Kneeling to pray and to propose
What if he fails this day GOD chose
To send forth one that no one knows

His heart weighed down, rejections face
Is thought of now before his race
Has yet begun as mission his to go now forth
Is dampened by still actions course

GOD whispers to both young and old
To those whose heart needs story told
So rise now child and tell of me
Tell them I wait before this moment flees

Be of strength not yours but mine
For now the moment is their time
To know, believe that I Am, I Am
That tore the veil to save the damned

Remind them of pierced hands and say
Today may be their last to pray
Forgive me Father on this day
Forge whats left of path mine pave

Your role dear son and daughter too
Has been declared to see things through
For this I came unto the Earth
Through Son of mine for mans rebirth

The task at hand will press upon
Your heart's matter and soul to bond
To cease no more of things condoned
To know alone of you I own

Become mouth piece for them to see
Before their eyes my part in thee
As I charge you to harvest fields
That will wither and death shall steal

and so his soul GOD held and holds
Receives orders he will unfold
To those yet saved from world gone cold
One more this day, into Gods fold

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