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Find A Man Who Cares (What You Think)

I feel it is a feminine thing,
it is a woman's need
to live a life of meaning
and not to simply be:
delicate, benevolent or even a self-sacrificing

No one of this sort
would be enough
for me.
So much for "so nice to be pretty"
when too many times it was not so nice at all.
Beauty ties together too many intrusive questions to answer.
Questions I'd rather not be asked (at all.)

Some men believe:
women endlessly want, crave and need;
men are and will be the suppliers
so they can do the dirty deed.

All women's work is to need need and
need them most of all.
So we can be there for them at the beck and the last call.
While they stuff us with prizes. Boxed
exotic chocolates. Or come bearing garish rings
and promises.
Make of us Princesses at the ball.

Perhaps he thinks:
If his plan has failed,
there's always charm, looks and muscles.
To cure all what we ail.
Dames are for the getting and the letting go.
The gorgeous ones are the best challenge,
the thoroughbred makes the better show.

Only if he would treat her as a treasure,
he, who, mistakes her for a thing.
Perhaps an expensive piece of furniture?
Something to sit on, to rearrange, to casually break in.
Something to return when it fails to match.
How true it is...
Marquis romance forever advertises,
but rarely do the doves of love ever hatch.

Now, a man who can be a friend is the real gem.
He should truly be esteemed. He is the man who is not merely interested,
but values a woman's intellect as supreme.
Not in the cleverness of the game or the pursuit.
the discovery that to love a woman
he must respect what goes on inside her head.

Many a night when my love and I have
lain between waking and sleep,
we have whispered together the day's events.
It is then I have found love to be the most sweet.

The realm of the mind is a far rarer place.
There you'll find a woman's beauty
and her grace.

A woman knows
good conversation is
the best luxury of all.
This gift, a bond, a common link.
Theirs together gathers the deepest affection.
It is the most lasting of the lasting kind.
A very rare perfection.
Find a man who cares what you think.

For B. Always. Credit to B. Thank You.

Copyright August 25, 2012  All Rights Reserved By Author
Melissa A Howells     Meloo from her Tilt-a-World

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