The soul has much to say

More than this...


The power
to give you

a sun tapped

Every morning
a coronation

of your
true beauty

First day of the rest
of your life

shining throughout
all eternity

Your smile
the epitome

of what I speak

Wind-borne caress
of the clouds
The canvas
that is the sky

A perfect backdrop
for angelic curls

stroked by
a northern gale

Silken crown
of a queen

Soft rapture
by heavens' breath

Your hair flowing
Seductive breeze

captures my expression

Laying every rose
at your feet

Scented infinity
pervades tomorrow

Fragrances of simplicity
and tenderness

Your flesh
the sweet intoxication

I whisper of

Virgin streams washing
over your body
at the peak
of summer

My envy
of liquid hands

unprecedented levels

as they discover secrets
of a land I know

Pure waters
have blessed

my eyes
once before

Tears of
the fallen

You never knew...I was there

Midnight kisses
by the moon
Speechless glow
sublime radiance

Piercing the heart
of night
Stealing my breath

A prisoner
of your eyes

I'm weak
so strong

all at once

The world
is mine

when holding you

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