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Who Are They?

 who are they to say that i have no abilities to create what i want

that i am not resourceful in my own rights to persue a dream

lead the life i choose...make the decisions i need to make

be a partner with equal rights without political promises

who are they who feels i need help to get a job of my choice

to begin a business on my own...resourceful enough to know how

who are they who waits to seek my vote when time runs out

who felt my vote not really that important at the start

i learned my lessons of life from my mother...she made sure i knew

she laid the groundwork for me before i was born...she knew life

who are they who think my life and needs are the same back then

that was 40 or 50 years ago...dont you know your history

show me what you do know...let me make my decisions

understand my needs are not the same as you believe

remember the 60's and 70's when women began to choose

show me what you do know...then let me make my choices

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Who Are They?