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The palm of my hand brushed 
the edge of the old mirror.
Catching splinter, blood delicately
dripped down the side frame.
The cool of my breath flushed
over the mirror...

In a distance,  
I heard the melodic tune 
(of peace)  
coming from an angel.

I squinted an eye open 
In hopes to unveil the reflection-
Of my heart...

I looked past the fog,
and then wiped it away. 
Searching for truth-
hidden  my heart remained...

I let out a sigh and 
shunned the 
Sweet music from afar-
Warm tears slipped off the 
Heat of my cheeks.
Evil tapped me on the back to 
escort my dismissal. 
Meanwhile, whispering jokes
In my ears as I turn 
(To go away).

Blood remained on the mirror
And the garden of broken glass
lie under my bare feet.
My eyes stung, and Hope
begged to linger.

Spit fell out of my mouth and
I became light headed-
Evil let go of my arm and I
Continued to walk off from his folly.

Glass crackled beneath me 
And I stopped as my heart skipped
Two, maybe three beats-
As I realized the poverty of Time.

A buzz pierced my ear drums-
And before my eyes,
stood two doors-

Hidden - was their outcome.

And with my eyes closed,
I desperately reached out to
(While Darkness overshadowed any
judgment that remained.)

I swallowed as my gut trembled.
And gamble took place in my spirit-
I could hear it.

At las[t],
another page
 turned over 
in my story.


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