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Strength Of A Man's Choice

Come on get a grip
Stick to your choice when you choose
Watch where you're stepping
before you slip
It's your life to lose, choose your destiny
There's nothing balance
about an unstable mind
Maybe it's from a time bruise
But such is life
for grown girls and boys,
I refuse to let it get the best of me
It's time to grab reality by the horns
and take that wishful thinking
on a death run
No matter how tall the weeds
or how rough the course
The heartless choose to dream
Destroying the bud on the rose
The Devil measuring out the powder
the coward sticking up his nose
But a wounded soldier
doesn't have to rewrite his deed
if he doesn't concede
You'll hear reality cries when she plead
This road is already dark enough
we don't need
no more shadows in the night,
Keep on pushing brother man
What's this 'hit,
about turning and running,
you be the dog in this fight
Press on until
the daylight break this plight
In the morning
everything gonna be alright
The odds are stacked against us
to silence our voice
But to go on or to give up
depends on the strength of a man's choice

Copyrights 2012
Robert Anthony James

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Strength Of A Man`s Choice