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The Mystery Of Life

I wish I could count the teardrops
falling from the skies
It's always pouring somewhere
I guess she must have eyes
The burning sun as of late
has been telling us lies
Ashes to ashes dust to dust,
The precious things it takes
from the binding things that ties
I'm not the wind
blowing around the sand
I'm not the wave
crashing against the land,
It seems like reality
is controlling our choices,
Made of me a man
Life is such a mysterious minefield
One day you fall into a bottomless pit
The next you're sitting on top of the hill
There destiny and I sit
I was born with beauty in my eyes
But it was stolen by the beast
Upon my heart he tries to feast
but God always hear my cries
for relief,
Life is a path of learning
But I cherish my regrets
when I can find a little peace
After years and years of
pushing against the hard steel
You're ready to give up
and say reality do with me
whatever you will
Just let the quiet stillness cease
before the sun sets

Copyrights 2012
Robert Anthony James

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The Mystery Of Life