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There are waves of emotions that still rush in
Assaulting my senses with memories from the past
Catching me off guard I struggle to control them

After fifty-four years you'd think they'd ease up
These overpowering moments of my own self-doubts
Flashing back to the days and long nights of fear

No matter how aware one is of these current times
And you may tell yourself everything will be fine
In the back of your mind plays scenes from the past

They remind me to always stay vigilant and alert
The world is a dangerous place with great evils
Just waiting for any chance to strike out at us

You just need to look back to 9/11 to know this fact
And some may tell me it's just my own paranoid fears
But with all that has happen can you just ignore it?

My own emotions still go through many ups and downs yet
From all that I've been through don't I have that right
I have seen the many things that evil can do to others

Though I have now lived some fifty-four years since then
I still deal with the emotions from that time in my life
It's not being paranoid if you're ever watchful these days

For it is when you are least expecting it in your life
That those who had plotted, planned and remained patient
Will suddenly strike out at us with a horrible vengeance

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

I don't think it's paranoia people, there has been to many acts
of terrorism in the world for me to be just imagining that there
are people out there who want us all destroyed, I'm very sincere
when I say that I have to ask myself who is this guy we have for
a President now and why is it that his loyalty seems to be with
anyone and everyone who hates America and who are thrilled that
he agrees with all of those trying to destroy our nation from
within. Before you vote in the November elections, you all really
need to face the reality that we still don't know anything about
this man except that he has been in politics forever and he has
never accomplished one damn thing except to sell himself and his
votes to the highest bidders. He hasn't done anything good as the
President, but he certainly has done everything he and his party
could do to destroy our own economy and our country. Please put
aside all of your personal views against each other's political
parties and all of those false attack adds each side uses against
each other, open your freaking eyes to the political BS and your
brainwashed preconceived notions of each other's propaganda and
be Americans first and think of your own family & country first
before you think of party politics. Then ask yourself this what
is really best for my family, not what's best for my political
party and all these professional lifetime politicians who sit on
their butts in Washington DC and accomplish nothing at all for
our country except to collect a big salary and all those special
perks while our economy and our nation's suffering. You all had
better wake up real fast & remove your rose-colored glasses and
see the truth staring you smack in the face before all we have
ever known is gone forever and so will our great nation that we
have grown up in and have loved as it will certainly fall and be
forever gone and only a past memory if we don't wake up in time
to save her from certain doom if we keep going in this current
direction and our children and our grandchildren will never be
able to live in peace and prosperity again in their lifetimes.


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