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Obedience to the Law

How can young people be kept pure,
When always tempted by a lure;
It is hard for to obey commands,
When they are having idle hands.

With all my heart I try to serve,
Without giving them a learning curve;
So that they do not disobey,
The commandments everyday.

I keep His Law within my heart,
Since it is a great way to start;
And having them down deep within,
So I will not go out and sin.

I am praising the Lord always,
And hoping in learning His ways;
Repeating what He has given,
Unto us from up in Heaven.

I delight in following His laws,
So I do not get any flaws;
Since each law has such a great wealth,
To help with your spiritual health.

I study His teaching each night,
Giving my dreams of His insight;
Taking pleasure within each law,
Knowing I will not make a flaw.

And with my whole heart I have sought,
The meaning why my life was bought;
For I will not wander away.
Because I do trust and obey.

Copyright   2012 Richard Newton Sherrer

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Obedience to the Law