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Well it all starts over again tonight
This one who claims to be our savior
With his party's friends and his Czars

They'll claim it's everyone elses fault
That the last four years were a failure
Because this one or that ones to blame

They'll spin their story like a spider web
Hoping against all hope we'll believe them
Granting them yet four more years to fail

It doesn't matter which party is leading
Neither have the ability to tell the truth
They both blame the others political party

They are brilliant and have all the answers
Just ask them, they'll tell anyone it's true
Yet they never seem to take any actions at all

Collecting a big paycheck for doing nothing at all
They haven't learned the most important thing of all
Take responsibility for ones own actions & failures  

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

The only thing these politicians truly care about is not the poor,
the unemployed, the health care of any person or group at all, it's
only because they just want your vote nothing more nothing less and
you will soon find out that they never had any intentions of fixing
or curing any of those problems and things that hurt us all. They've
only one single interest in their lives, whether they are a Senator,
a Congressman or Congresswoman or if they are the current President
looking to get re-elected again and again with little or no thought
of you or your family's situation once they've gotten your vote and
if you haven't learn that in the last four years, then I guess you
will always fall for their own sugar coated speeches that tell you
how great they are and how much they truly do care about all of the
voters and their families.( You see sugar coated is really the code
phrase meaning it's all just a bunch of BS ).


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