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The red thread's powerful bondage
Nearly complete, nearly suffocating
Yet a tiny bit of wiggle room…
Is escape possible?
I am captured… or are the cuffs
Is this only an illusion of my baser
Nature seeking fulfillment
A massive migration of frogs crossing
The highway leaves it littered
Death comes from this
Listen to the ribbits in the night
Listen to the forlorn call seeking love
Listen to the heart seeking acceptance
Seeking peace

The red thread dominates my animal nature
Growling and moaning… desire and hunger
Satisfaction never possible
A larger hunger the more it is fed

Seek this day who I will feed
Relax and release
Break the sash of scarlet
The red thread is lying on the ground
Bloody wrists weep
Falling to my knees
Freedom cries
Freedom sings
Freedom rings
No longer seeking


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