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Not an automatic
Just burst or single shot
Only 25 round mag
But it's the best we've got

The first time is the best time
The one you never forget
Lying on a ground sheet
To keep from getting wet.
Weapon already zeroed
So maybe at first try
Jolly good chance of
Hitting the bulls eye.

Squeeze very gently,
Be sure not to jerk,
A hasty snatching
Can ruin good work.
Just a sharp crack, the
Marker shows what you got
In life it would have been
A quick clean killing shot.

Aiming off for wind
Makes accuracy hard,
Down range a hundred,
Give or take a yard.
End of a successful
Annual open range day.
Weapon cleaned, inspected
And checked and stored away.

The old SLR. As I age
Sometimes it seems
I strip, clean and load it,
Fondly in day dreams.

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